Our Policy


The primary goal of ANSO Ltd is the consistent fulfillment of the requirements of each client and partner at the first attempt and the most efficient way in conditions of health and safety for all of its staff and all those who can be influenced by proper environmental management. The main objective is to continuously upgrade the quality of products and merchandise, as well as improving the support services.

To achieve this goal, company management team is committed to:

  • Constant improvement of working methods, conditions and resources used in the production process
  • Consistent improvement of our designing equipment and production means
  • Consistent supervision and conduct inspections at all stages of production and distribution
  • Further strengthening of cooperation and information exchange with suppliers of raw materials, and also our professional associates.
  • Consistent implementation of the working methods according to the requirements of ISO international standard system.
  • Implementation all relevant regulations, as well as all legislation related to the work of our company.
  • To provide all necessary equipment to our staff, information and training to carry out their work in excellent conditions.
  • Employment of competent and experienced staff.
  • Consistent improvement of the company's working methods.

Based on experience, proven ability and great potentials of our staff, the management expects the systematic customer and partner satisfaction, regarding the quality of products and provided services. Also we look forward to steady growth in turnover, productivity and competitiveness of the company.

Our company policy is available to all interested parties and monitored constantly so that it remains relevant and appropriate to the company and reviewed by the Administration.

Vassilis Antzoulatos

Managing Director

Author: ANSO Ltd