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The primary goal of ANSO Ltd is the consistent fulfillment of the requirements of each client and partner at the first attempt and the most efficient way in conditions of health and safety for all of its staff and all those who can be influenced by proper environmental management. The main objective is to continuously upgrade the quality of products and merchandise, as well as improving the support services.


ANSO ltd

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Home Garden LogoWhen referring to garden care, ANSO Ltd meets all your requirements. We offer a full range of essential products - such as irrigation systems, hand tools, trimmers, pumps, wood connectors and protection equipment. We design from the scratch the leading tools: HOME GARDEN and we represent high quality garden tools, imported from the European Union.


New Products


Home Garden ltd.: The Garden tool Expert was founded in 2011. It is successfull in marketing in the D.I.Y and Professional sector. The whole assortment encompasses over 1500 products in the area of the gardening.

New ideas, high quality products, aperfect services and logistics concept, as well as good partnership with its customers.

The custom made wall is individually developed for each customer, DIY, proffessional Garden Centers, etc.